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The brand new model for the Elistra Collection. The model is really light and colorful. The flowers are handmade painted and constructed. Metal elements have been used for the making of this model for the Elistra Collection. 

Add a touch of elegance with this very light handmade necklace . Classic for everyday wear but dazzling enough for special occasions.
Necklace  ON ORDER, processing time is max 2 weeks from the date of payment (usually it takes less time). Every model can be 
adapted to your needs.
You can also order them in other colors as you wish.
NOTE - due to the nature of handmade jewellery, the necklace  for you may slightly differ from the one presented in the picture (other but similar materials may be used).
All of my jewelry is handmade. It is impossible to create 2 identical pieces, that's why your order will be special, unique and only yours! Please note, that your order will be SIMILAR
Before sending the finished product, I will send you photos for approval. I am waiting for a maximum 3 days to accept the project, if my message will remain unanswered, it means that you don't accept the item I want to send.